22 October 2015

Why a Fervent Cruz Supporter Should Lay-Off Trump
-and Be Glad He's Still Around

The worst thing is when I try to explain to somebody why it's good that Trump is still in the GOP primary race -even if it's at a perceived short-term cost to their own beloved candidate- and you get instant outrage and a condescending 'don't you now he's a charlatan?' - 'just look into his background' and 'not a real conservative' (gee whiz thanks, I'm dumber than Joe Biden's big toe and would surely just wander around in the dark without such illuminating input)...

The truth is that regardless of complex past and (perhaps) dubious credibility, Trump has proven a far more powerful political force than Ted Cruz has mustered up to this point, with 3x, 4x, even 5x the poll numbers.
And a lot of people think Cruz will
never rise far enough to win- I'm sure not one of those people, BUT you don't hear so many saying that about Trump any more, do you? Now that we're in the wake of his 100th day as GOP frontrunner, presidential candidate Donald Trump's already proven he's a force to be reckoned-with (even Chris Wallace said it).

We constitutional-conservatives attacking him on social media isn't going to bring Trump down... just let him rip, if half the GOP electorate want him
-and his support seems surprisingly resilient- there's not much you can say that's going to change that anyway, Trump's going to have to step in it himself. 

His record doesn't seem to matter to the 'Trump base'- they've heard it all before yet prefer to believe what he's saying right now, at least in contrast to (most of) his opponents.

In the meantime, Trump is landing a lot of shells in the enemies-of-liberty's camps... the Bush (crime) family, Rove, Fox News, all MSM, the Clintons, and the vile Obama regime. He's also bringing-in minorities and 'Reagan Democrats'- Trump's the only one actually growing the GOP right now,
it's true. 

There are plenty of Trump positions I don't like -Russia, Ukraine, Syria, entitlements, Planned Parenthood, large government constructions projects, etc- but that's why I'm a Ted Cruz supporter (who's an ally of Trump's on a number of key issues).

As has been observed many times, Ted Cruz is well-positioned to gain from any Trump implosion -which will likely have to be self-induced, and major- 
and also seems to me the obvious choice for a Trump VP- the relationship certainly seems healthy enough. 

I'm one of those Cruz supporters that will back him until he wins or withdraws from the presidential campaign- but I sure wouldn't say Trump is holding him back or anything. On the contrary, the Bush-Rove-Fox Axis-of-Sleazle was going after Cruz -whom the Jeb! camp apparently fears- with Fox News, WSJ, and other weapons until Trump came in and crushed the Bush Machine like a damn bug. They might have destroyed Cruz by now if they hadn't to deal with The Donald all-up-in-their-grill while Jeb! crashed and burned.

It is certainly possible that Trump support could cool considerably, the election is still a long way off and his brash schtick might wear thin... but so far he's managing it very well (and keeps coming up with new themes). I myself find him far more appealing and reasonable in direct TV interviews -i.e. Hannity- than Trump-on-the-stump, which is more like a monotonous pep-rally.

What Cruz does have is an elaborate plan that calls for a coming offensive... he's just lining up his ducks right now. Ted Cruz knows what he's doing, brining in tons of money, and his poll numbers aren't bad- 'slow and steady' wins the game, I sure hope he's right.

As for Trump, why not follow the lead of Cruz, Levin, and Rush Limbaugh- appreciate The Donald for airing so many issues and smacking-down so many grating douchebags- lol. Although I'm rooting for the other guy, I've enjoyed the fresh debate initiated by a great number of arguments, critiques, and specific proposals Trump has put out there. As Rush noted recently, Donald Trump practically controls the political news cycle in this country- when's the last time you saw any Republican with that kind of mojo?

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