21 October 2015

Would Someone Please Explain How SO Many People
Would Take Carson Over CRUZ? I Don't Get That At All...

I like Dr Ben Carson. I respect Ben Carson. I admire what he made of himself and how he's seemed to have lived his life. I agree with almost everything that comes out of his mouth. But what can this man possibly offer as a leader that we wouldn't simply get more-and-better of from Ted Cruz?

Ben Carson is a good man, and it's difficult to 'attack' him on any specific major issue- he's said some dumb things about guns before, but generally there's not much daylight between our views. Alas, after enduring the utterly-unqualified Obama wreck the country, how is this ├╝ber-outsider thing so attractive to so many that nothing else carries any weight with them but
'who spent the least time in DC'? 

And nobody who knows what they're talking about would ever consider Ted Cruz to be a 'DC political insider': it could be said it took a lot more balls for Cruz to stand on that Senate floor and confront McConnell head-on under the glaring lights, placing his entire political career on the line (while the GOPe sneered and the media trashed him) than to make comments on social media from some comfy office suite like Ben Carson and Donald Trump were doing at the time. Despite his glittering resume, Ted Cruz is surely NO
Washington DC establishment 'insider'- nothing of the sort.

And other than 'outsider', Dr Carson has no qualifications whatsoever to be president- how is that a good idea? Perhaps his medical expertise would have some use in replacing Obamacare, but that's nothing to be basing your entire choice-for-president on.

To be blunt, I've dealt with doctors business-wise in the past, and find them to be generally terrible managers. Years spent in medical school and what they do for a living -which is as much art as it is science- affects their way of thinking, prioritizing, and organizing things. And accomplished medical professionals are accustomed to others following their orders, not dealing with difficult, recalcitrant people who disagree with them all the time- in fact, top surgeons are put on a pedestal and used to never hearing 'no'. As Trump is happy to point-out, Carson has zero experience in negotiating, either. In the end, financial and operational management are just a different mind set than your average brain surgeon... imho.

Do a lot of people like Carson because he's black? I'm sure that's part of it, maybe some still feel the need to 'prove' they're not 'racist'- seems ludicrous to me, but I'm sure that's out there in some quantity. 

If some imagine he would bring black votes to Republican ticket based on his skin color, most polls I've seen have Trump doing great with black voters... proving they don't need to be pandered to with the 'right' color of candidate, they want JOBS and a strong America (in large numbers).

Ted Cruz knows how Capitol Hill works -without having sold out to the establishment- and is impressively qualified for the job of president. He's displayed a deeper, more substantial and relevant knowledge of foreign policy
-at a turbulent time internationally- than Dr Carson, has raised more money, and seems better organized for a long-run presidential campaign. 

Ted Cruz is a God-fearing Christian, just like Dr Carson... yet a far more skilled and effective communicator. It's long been my view we need a guy or gal who can SELL the conservative message to a tired and confused electorate- somebody who can battle the MSM while simultaneously overcoming the 'progressive' propaganda/nonsense that's been
shoved down America's throat for years. 

A lot of what Reagan did wasn't popular at first, and the benefits of his investment-based tax cuts would take some time to fully bear fruit- but he was a superb communicator and salesman that kept everybody with the program- precisely what we need today.

Alas, Ben Carson seems to lack this ability, from what I can see-
his 'mellowness' is definitely not a positive when you need to hit the road
on a massive PR/sales offensive.

So where's the logic behind supporting Carson over Cruz? I'm not trying to be some kind of smart-ass, I just honestly don't see one single reason for it... would welcome any explanation from good-faith Carson supporters, there's apparently quite a few of you out there.

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