05 November 2015

BACKLASH: German 'Refugee' Centers Being
Burned Down at Rate of One-per-Day

Three more just last night... what makes me think 
this isn't making the German evening news?

German newspaper BILD has reported seven centers burned-down in just the last week, according to the German Federal Criminal Police (BKA)...

Merkel's CDU has worked in-union with Bavaria's CSU
-led by Horst Seehofer- to form the core of the German right throughout the entire post-war period, for over 70 years... but Seehofer has threatened to end that and take-down her chancellorship if she doesn't immediately re-instate border controls. The Bavarians said they will start bussing them to her doorstep pretty soon.

Perhaps Ma can now clearly see the end of her political career in-sight...
and history is going to wack the Schei├če out of her. She led a Germany richer and more peaceful than any other time in history... it was all going so great, perhaps hubris is what caused her to screw it up.

It now appears that for her to salvage anything, she's got no choice but to back-down and accept Bavaria's demands.

With Germany all but banning nationalist sentiment through legitimate political channels, mass outrage at Merkel's ruination-of-a-nation has emerged in the form of PEGIDA, with demonstrations and membership growing rapidly, including regular middle-class people not previously active in politics.

When SO many people stand firmly against such a destructive policy and it's immediate results -and opponents to this massive invasion ignored or slandered as 'Nazis'- I don't see why anybody would be surprised people are looking to resist any way they can, the government is just ignoring them.

Guns are sure hard to get in Germany... since their 'leaders' just tell them to lay-back and learn to enjoy it, what else did they have but this, really? 

Yeah- arson's illegal... but so is every damn speck 
of Merkel's reckless 'refugee' folly: