17 November 2015

During National Moment of Silence for #Paris, Muslim Prisoners in French Prison JEER, Hoot,
and Shout 'ALLAHU AKBAR' (video)

Although Paris officially bans the taking of racial/religious statistics, everybody knows the French prison system is chock-full-o'-Muslims... estimates run as high as 70-80%. Unsurprisingly, penitentiaries in France are considered a 'mill' for radical extremists... 

That's why when we talk about keeping Americans safe from any with
ISIS links and such, we need to keep in mind that putting convicted collaborators/enablers in US prisons only allows the cancer to grow undetected. Muslim extremism can probably do more damage to us in the long run in our prison system than on the street, due to a large supply of disgruntled, easily-impressed losers -that know how to kill- there. 

We must DEPORT, early and often... but where to? If we can't deduce their home country, that's an irrelevant, small detail  unworthy of much concern, really- put them on an iceberg for all I care.

Alas, French prisons are already teeming with violent Muslims hell-bent on all our destruction... here's how the 5th-columnist Islamists in one correctional facility (Fresnes) behaved during yesterday's national moment-of-silence for the victims of Friday's massacre... with jeers and shouts of 'Allahu Akbar'- nice, huh:

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