03 November 2015

Imagine the Putin Propaganda Bonanza if ISIS Took That Plane Down with US-Supplied Weaponry...

Interesting how they're now saying 'US satellite detects heat flash 
suggesting a bomb' -if you look at the video you can see the flash at 00:14 with your own eyes... sure looks like it to me, seems to be blowing-out the top of the fuselage:

All 224 on-board were soon dead, scattered over 7 sq miles of desert less than 30 minutes after takeoff from Sharm-el-Shiekh. Most had been sucked-out of their seats at 31K feet. Odd sounds were heard in the cockpit, but no distress signal was ever sent. Internal technical problems and pilot error have been ruled out by the airline.

SOMEbody blew this thing up SOMEhow- but not necessarily with a 'bomb'.

Of course ISIS says they took the plane down -they've also claimed to have done it with a missile. The Sinai branch of ISIS is supposedly on the verge of releasing a statement, but if they're smart they won't be telling us any more than required for intimidation purposes.

Alas, it most certainly could have been hit by an advanced portable AA missile (rather than a bomb on-board) the kind the Egyptians said ISIS (in the Sinai) simply doesn't have. This seems to have become the leading theory in Moscow, they're now stating it was blown-apart by 'external' impact. The statement is significant, because they probably already also know if there were explosives involved by looking for residue on the little bits remaining.

Putin himself must think ISIS was behind it- he's already retaliating.

AND what if it does turn out to have been hit by an ISIS rocket- sure will be interesting when they deduce the country of origin, won't it. And what all did Hillary/CIA lose in Libya

Some may still doubt that ISIS had such sophisticated AA missiles -favoring the bomb theory. I would have leaned that way too in speculation, but now the Russians say it was 'external'- meaning 'rocket' (or meteor), and after all it only took one...

UPDATE: Another possibility-

"(Russian made) SA-8 GECKO was used to down a cargo plane around Damascus by Syrian rebels last year which is highly mobile and has the range of 40,000 feet, well within distance of the reported height (36,000 ft).

Something like this could have come from the US side, via the CIA Benghazi weapons bazaar... who knows what they were up to. And the Americans let a lot of Russian stuff go from Ghaddafi's armory to the Islamists too...
that's on our, France, and UK's hands.

UPDATE II: According to Debka, ISIS control 3000 ft altitude positions that would have aided in reaching the plane.

ALSO:  'ISIS sent officers, former senior members of Saddam Hussein's army, to set up a major campaign against the Egyptian army, along with advanced anti-air missile systems smuggled into Sinai and the Gaza Strip FROM LIBYA for this campaign.'


Anything coming out of Libya is ours and NATO’s fault- American built or not.

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