16 November 2015

Filthy-Rich Dubai Importing Ferrari, Lambo, and Bugatti POLICE CARS- but Not a Single 'Refugee'

Not sure just what the exact explanation is for how hyper-wealthy Arab states in the Middle East have been able to avoid even lifting a finger to help any of those pouring out of Syria and Iraq- but in the end, they seem to have been a lot wiser than we in the West (not that that's difficult these days or anything)...

Arab societies are extremely tribal, so I imagine Sunni royalty view most Syrians and Iraqis largely with contempt, more potential enemy than 'family'
-yes it seems Muslims can't even assimilate with other Islamic cultures if they happen to be from some other slightly different clan or sub-group....
so how the hell are we supposed to live with them?

Or, perhaps these countries are more aware than we how backwards, unskilled and illiterate -even in their own language- many of these people are. They already have HARD working Philippine nationals in Saudi Arabia and the UAE who are probably more docile and productive than lazy Syrians, + with the added bonus of cute women around the house to beat and rape.

But more likely, Dubai/UAE is in on the plot with Riyadh and other Sunni allies: Saudi Arabia is widely suspected to have started ISIS as a counterbalance to the Iran/Iraq Shia alliance then running roughshod over Sunnis in Iraq and northern Syria.

Now you see the Saudis also refusing to help any 'refugees' currently pouring out of the region- instead, they offer to build 200 mosques in Germany- 
odd, isn't it. 

But the House of Saud is always scheming, and seems to be behind the current, ongoing Islamic invasion of Europe- which demographically resembles an invading army, no coincidence, that. Pretty doubtful the UAE and Saudis aren't talking and/or coordinating throughout.

So not only are the so-called 'refugees' not going to be Dubai's problem, they're instead being injected into the heart of the West to scatter their seed and plunder our social welfare systems. And to spread the faith, of course-

They don't need any unsightly columns of gritty migrants marching down the streets of glittering Dubai -nor costly refugee camps denting their fat bottom line- so the princes can just kick-back, enjoy watching the West's demise,
and let the good times roll... 

Lambo, V-12 Ferrari

Lamborghini Aventador goes for a quarter million bucks

Mustang, BMW M6

700 hp Brabus-Mercedes tuned G-Wagen: $160,000+

Bugatti Veyron

BMW i8

Mercedes-Benz SLR

Latest addition to The Force: Porsche 918 Spyder

NO SHAME: Bentley, McLaren, Ferrari, Bugatti

Aston Martin


Just think of all the poor Muslim migrants they could be helping...

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