05 November 2015

My Own First-Hand DISGUSTING
Repressed Muslim Pervert Story

Was doing a bit of traveling in Europe this summer, saw Alsace region of France, Bugatti museum, Mercedes museum in Stuttgart, 
Black Forest, Maginot Wall underground fortresses, etc...

NY-bound out of Prague's Vaclav Havel Airport, my wife and I had checked in and were preparing to go through security to the gates, didn't have a lot of time to spare.

So I went to the men's room real quick before we left the main terminal and in-front of the bathrooms there is some Islamic lady in full hijab going through all her luggage spread out on a row of the seating there. Of course it attracted my attention, wondered for a second what she was up to, seem to be searching for something for the kids.

They weren't the only Muslims there, but there aren't very many in Prague... this family all kind of looked like they belonged together among the primary mix of Czechs, Slovaks, Russians, Brits and other Europeans at the airport.

And that mix includes many long-legged, beautiful Czech -and Russian, Ukrainian- girls... and they do like to dress-up sexy all day, every day. These are gals who really like being a woman- plus they seem to be blessed with some good genes, to say the least. Since it was summer, of course they're all wearing shorts and mini-skirts.

So as I head into the john there's one of the Muslim family next to me in the urinal row, a kid about 20-25 I'd say. I did my business -only one booth away from him- and when I turn to go away, I notice the guy is slowly stroking himself (I won't go into details) right there in the urinal... seems he just stopped for a minute when I got there but couldn't wait to get right-back at it the second I headed to the sinks.

I'm not exactly squeamish -nor attempting to prove my manhood to anyone- but I truly did feel sick to my stomach at the flash image now etched into my mind-- this guy was apparently SO suppressed by his screwed-up Islamic culture that the stuff was coming out his ears.

He clearly couldn't control himself at the sight of bare-legged, model-like Slavic redheads, blondes, and brunettes on all sides--- seems to have
blown his mind (among other things). 

I started hunting at an early age, so guts don't gross me out too much... maybe a sewer whiff or burning plastic are the only things I can recall that ever made me feel so physically sick in an instant.

Of course I was dying to go tell security, but we absolutely didn't have 5 mins to spare at that point... my wife said I looked shocked, grey + ashen as I shuffled to the gate.

These people are messed-up, man... an abusive, manipulative culture, bizarre code of morality, and almost total lack of normal human joy in Muslim countries has them absolutely out-of-their-minds with desire, jealousy and rage. Not hard to understand the existence of ISIS sex-slave trade, given the utter lack of fulfillment most Muslim men feel- until they are provided the opportunity to rape somebody or lop-off some poor bastard's noggin, anyway.

I think in the last 30 days I've read two separate stories of white females being molested in their sleep on airplanes flying to or from the Middle East... these guys are scary, I truly feel for the young women of Germany- how many will 
Merkel get raped?

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