12 November 2015

Pat Buchanan: 'Can Europe Survive this Invasion?'

'A modern-day mass migration is taking place ... that could change the face of Europe’s civilization,' warned Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

'If that happens, that is irreversible. ... There is no way back from a multicultural Europe,' said Orban. 'If we make a mistake now, it will be forever.'

Orban acted on his beliefs. He erected a 110-mile fence on the Serb border, redirecting hundreds of thousands of migrants away from Hungary to Croatia, thence to Austria and Germany.

Sunday, after a third of a million had passed through, Croatia replaced a center-left with a rightist party. A fortnight ago, the right-wing eurosceptic
Law and Justice Party (PiS) won a landslide victory in Poland.

Support for Angela Merkel, who has opened Germany to a million migrants,
is plummeting

Bavaria’s CSU, sister party of Merkel’s CDU, is in rebellion...

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