14 November 2015

Politics Already Made the Hillbilly Clintons
CELEBRITY MILLIONAIRES- there Was NEVER Any Reason to Take All These Chances with Lying/E-mails

How do you explain Hillary's incredibly reckless behavior with the e-mails and all? With the FBI digging-deeper now, you really have to wonder what she was thinking.

Only explanation I can see is the ceaseless, towering arrogance -and greed- of the Clintons... she really did think she was inevitable. Must have, because otherwise she always stood a very good chance of going to prison, esp. if the GOP came back to life- she had to know that... although it would be same to assume Jeb! would have had her back.

But after 2008, probably not every Dem still saw such inevitability when they had a look at the dumpy pantsuit princess -she got her ass kicked by a nobody, and didn't look good doing it. I would bet Obama has been planning and orchestrating her political demise ever since. 

Seems the Clinton Foundation graft continued unabated, so one can see a use for secret e-mail accounts, also contact with (banned by Obama) Sidney Blumenthal, et. al. But it really wasn't needed -indeed ill advised- and nowhere near worth the risk. Her people were certainly loyal, she could have just sent liaisons with the nasty bits, never anything in print, like Hitler.

Makes you question her judgement in-general... blinded by greed and an artificially-bloated sense of purpose, Hillary seems to possess a complete and utter lack of self awareness, happens to you when you live in a bubble,
I guess. 

Either way, granny's a bit out of it-- but in big, BIG trouble:

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