24 November 2015

POLL: 48% of Americans Favor Closing Borders,
Halting ALL Immigration NOW

According to a new Ipsos-MORI poll, 48% of Americans -and 44% Britons- now favor halting all immigration into their besieged countries...
stopping not just Muslims, but everybody. These numbers represent
about a five-point jump...

Other fun facts: 95% of people in the UK -and 91% of Americans- expect there to be a major terrorist strike on their respective homeland over the coming 12 months... that's a pretty dark outlook to have to get up and face everyday, and over time it's bound to take a toll on you.

Hillary and Obama sure are fond of telling us how 'un-American' we are for attempting to salvage what's left of this battered, rudderless country by putting the brakes on their stealth-Islamic-invasion schemes. 

But this is still a democracy, one with a YUGE election coming up... and as the above polling shows, a solid half the country would like to seal the borders ASAP- looks like there's some major disagreement as to what being 'American' means, so we'll settle that next November.

And Trump's luck just keeps rolling... his Mexican border wall -which once sounded outlandish- now appears quite reasonable, as people are practically yearning for one all-round the country. Cruz also benefiting politically from today's unsettling security environment.

My own pet issue has long been foreign policy and national defense, and was long astonished at Obama's dumb luck in this area, no major terrorist hit on US, etc.

But now the dumb luck has turned to lame-duck, one detached from mature, responsible leadership of the free world and who's nation's adversaries can't miss the stench of weakness. 

The ultra-major disaster never came -not yet- but the massive vacuum created by a clueless, Muslim-apoligist Obama stumbling through his last year-and-a-half has all but ensured major American strategic setbacks throughout the world- might even have trouble in Korea, Taiwan, and South America by the time January 2017 gets here. Let's just pray ISIS doesn't pull off anything big.

It's open-season on American interests and allies worldwide... Putin, Chinese, Iranians, ISIS sure to take a chunk out of us- what's to prevent them. Expect Russia to stake out claims in the arctic and build a heavily-armed mini-Crimea in Syria.

Obama always scared the hell out of me with his foreign policy -as it were- because he seemed to be headed the wrong direction on everything. Now the savage atmosphere produced by Obama's worldwide surrender/alliance with Islam is so frightening and dangerous that most normal Americans feel the need to wall-off the country like a castle in the Middle Ages. 

The Israelis must be scared-half-to-death, just hoping to survive
another 18 months under the Obama regime's corrosive influence.

What a godawful mess...

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