10 November 2015

Rare Historical Photos

Long before Miley Cyrus, there was Dmitri Medvedev:

Oldsmobile dealership, Brooklyn, 1950:

Philippines: truck fleeing Mt.Pinatubo volcano, 1991:

Angela Merkel marches in communist uniform with 
Volksarmee officers, East Germany, 1972:

Walking machine developed for testing shoes, 1937:

Ted Cruz celebrates nationwide Republican victories 
-Cuban style- at Harvard Law School, November 1994:

16-cylinder Cadillac, 1933:

Camp packed German POW's, 1945:

16-y.o. Arnold Schwarzenneger's first 
bodybuilding competition- Austria, 1963:

India’s first satellite 'The Apple
being transported (not a joke), 1981:

Tiny crowd at first Wimbledon tennis match, 1883:

New '65 Mustang (Fastback) on display at NYC World's Fair:

Female IRA fighter, Northern Ireland, early 1970s:

23-y.o. Robin Williams (R) as a mime in Central Park, 1974

Guard passes out as Queen Elizabeth II reviews, 1970:

Henry Ford's workshop, 1900:

Robert Wadlow (8' 7") -world's tallest man -ever-
with his (5' 11") father, 1937:

A young Hitler in a crowd celebrating the start of WWI:

Bangladesh: Pakistani soldiers identified Hindus 
(in war-of-independence) by checking 
if they were circumcised, 1971:

Mortar rounds exchanged over No Man's Land, 1917:

Micheline Bernardini models the world's 
very first bikini -in French newsprint pattern- 1946.

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