16 November 2015

'Refugees Welcome Bonn' Event Spoilt by Migrants 'Touching, Harassing, and Molesting' Women

Won't be smiling for long

The 'Refugees Welcome' movement in the former West German capital Bonn attempted to hold a welcome-wagon type event in order for the community to mix with the new -mostly Muslim- arrivals last weekend... 

what could possibly go wrong?

Insanely-horny-with-no-sense-of-shame-or-dignity Muslim men could go after all the yummy German girls who showed up with colorful smiley-face banners, for one... and of course they did. 

Where the husbands and fathers were hiding while all this was going-on is anybody's guess, but of course it's just a cultural misunderstanding, right? 

The event organizers 'made announcements' over the PA to 
'stop this behavior' at once, but that was 'not successful'
(sounds like they took a page from Obama's foreign policy).

Afterwards the group issued a predictably idiotic statement:
Refugees Welcome Bonn e.V. wants to comment on the incidents that happened on party on the Township on Nov. 7th and was co-organized by our group. On the party we observed that some men molested, touched and harassed women.

As co-organizer we want to apologize. During the party we tried to identify the offenders and make the leave the venue; also we made announcements where we asked to stop this behavior immediately. However, these measures were not successful. We apologize for that! .

Those men cast a negative light on our organization as well as on all men and male refugees, who were at our party. This misbehavior does not, however, reflect the attitude of the vast majority of the refugees. But it entraps to a generalization that we do not want to follow. 

Single men, who do not know how to behave, exist in every country and society as well as patriarchal structures which come to light through such behavior. .

However, we do not want to deny that there are cultural differences. But instead of just adversely pointing fingers at those who misbehave, we believe it’s as important for everyone in our civil society to tackle these differences in the daily integration. 

For that reason we will increase our efforts to give no space to such behaviour during our upcoming parties and other events. We believe it’s essential to treat each other with respect and share the idea of a general equality between all human beings. 

That necessarily includes, accepting a 'No', when making advances to somebody, instead of forcing your will on another person.

We as a group campaign for this. Still it has to be said clearly, that this kind of behavior is not acceptable and not tolerated in our group.

And while these dreamworld-dwelling libs think (I use the word loosely here) that this is some sort of isolated event, the fact is that Muslim men are the most sexually depraved beasts on the planet- ones who have NO respect for us, our laws, our (or any) women, nor any speck of
western society in general. 

Many Islamists believe the Koran tells them it's OK to bang anything in sight like a snooze button on Monday morning -encouraging them to go spread their demon seed- so it's not hard to see why sane, informed people wouldn't allow freshly-arrived Mulsim 'refugees' anywhere near a roomful of leggy European women.

Alas, apparently nobody with a clue about the world down there at
'Refugees Welcome'- and the sad truth is, they got off easy this time. 

Perhaps they can get a group discount on some pepper spray 
-or chastity belts- before their next lovely little social.

Then there's these people...

Even dumber