09 November 2015

Somehow the AP Never Tires of Giving
Obama His Daily Tongue-Bath...

This tripe today:

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama's decision to block the Keystone XL oil pipeline has exposed an endlessly polarized Washington, and likely hardened its divides. Obama is now being praised to the skies by environmentalists and most Democrats, and denounced in apocalyptic terms by Republicans and the business community. And although environmental issues once produced bipartisan agreement in Congress, consensus on action to increase energy production or deal with climate change looks farther away than ever. "This became a tribal issue of bizarre proportion," said Jason Grumet, president of the Bipartisan Policy Center. Grumet said voters support Keystone and infrastructure projects, as well as action on climate change.
OF COURSE it's 'polarized Washington' -meaning recalcitrant Republicans- couldn't possibly be lunatic-fringe 'greens' needing to be placated (so they'll show-up to the polls next November), the fraudulent 'climate change' agenda being driven-forward at all costs, or the simple fact that one of Obama's most powerful donors -Warren Buffet- is a major investor in the railroads that currently transport the oil from Canada.

No, it's 'polarization' -driven by the GOP, and their 'apocalyptic' tone has no base in fact of course- how could it, consider the source -idiot 'deniers',
so fine to blame them no matter what they may be saying.

To illustrate how out-there Keystone XL supporters are, the AP wistfully pines for the days when 'environmental issues' produced 'bipartisan agreement'... while today's unreasonable Republican Party obviously can't be dealt with, period. That's how it became a 'bizarre' 'tribal issue'.

Yet one could counter that issues of energy security, job creation, and cheap gas used to produce bipartisan agreement, too. People opposing this would have been the outliers. The pipeline would have been built already if there had been a Republican in the White House- it's hardly a radical idea, and Keystone XL enjoyed widespread public support.

Rather, a thinly-veiled 'progressive' agenda to control all industrialists via
cap-n-trade regulation, destroy the suburbs, then jam us all into urban apartments with little electric cars that come in crayon colors would seem to me a bit more 'radical'- especially since it's all based on a mere theory that changes more often than the weather itself... and with more holes in it than a kitchen sponge.

Meanwhile back in reality, it's Obama that relentlessly -like most leftists- pushes his agenda with zero concern for bipartisan support, public opinion, or even what used to be known as 'common sense'. And since he's such a kook, many quite moderate people oppose plenty of what he's done.

Why didn't Obamacare gain even one single Republican vote? 

Because we're all so radical? 

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