18 November 2015

Support for Germany's Anti-Immigrant, Euro-Sceptic AfD (Alternativ für Deutschland) Party SOARS to
All-Time High While Merkel Exposed as Fool

Angela Merkel is in trouble.

The "Iron Chancellor" may be facing the biggest challenge of her political career – German public opinion has shifted on the country's welcoming to the hundreds of thousands of refugees moving up from south-eastern Europe towards their country. 

There's little sign so far that the German population at large wants to reject the refugees fleeing to their nation (or even that they could), but there's transparently much more concern about how the country will facilitate such a large inflow of migrants.

One result of that is the sudden upswing of support for Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), the country's right-wing, eurosceptic party. 

The AfD are to Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats what Nigel Farage's UKIP is to the British Conservative Party. They're not only an outlet for general anger, they're also a grave threat, sapping support from the mainstream centre-right.

After a leadership crisis and a loss of public attention, the AfD's support had dwindled below 5% for a significant portion of 2015. But their popularity has spiked in recent months, as the scale of the refugee crisis has become apparent....

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