14 December 2015

Any Trump Attacks on Cruz Probably Aren't
Going to Work Like They Did with Others

After breezily dispatching (Walker, Perry) and/or permanently crippling 
(Bush, Rand Paul) a number of weaker GOP challengers who dared to
get-up-in-his-grill, Donald Trump is now making noises about going after
Sen Ted Cruz... but if he does, this time it's likely to be different...

First off, he looks like a disingenuous hypocrite to attack Ted Cruz after allying himself with him so closely to this point, saying nice things repeatedly, and claiming they think almost identically. And he's clearly taking a huge risk in alienating the Republican base.

Trump has claimed he's only going to get into tangles with Cruz 'if he comes after me first', but with the media egging him on now daily The Donald seems to be attempting to stoke some open friction. This really does make him look like the politician he always claims not to be... Trump's all but said himself he has no reason to attack Cruz but for personal political gain--
how deeply cynical to not even attempt to hide it.

Truth is, much of Cruz's base of support consists of Evangelicals unlikely to be charmed into voting for Trump... as well as many voters like myself who agree with much of what Trump says -and think he's done the process a lot of good- but long ago decided Cruz was a better presidential candidate, one with a still-more-conservative platform. I'm not a Trump 'hater' at all, but there is nothing he could possibly say or do that would have me taking him over
Ted Cruz in the upcoming primary.

For all the talk about how loyal Trump voters are, the support Ted Cruz has earned to this point has him out-front by ten points in Iowa now... and all of those people have already had a long, hard look at Donald Trump.

When Trump attacked those with fragile support, it was an entirely different situation that he faces in going after Ted Cruz... I'd say he's even going to have a hard time coming up with material/dirt on Senator Cruz -without sounding like Mitch McConnell- the guy is clean as a whistle and a true Reaganite... not much to pick apart there, nothing any conservatives would give a hoot about, anyway.

On top of all that, Cruz probably won't take the bait, regardless...

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