04 December 2015

Italians Among THE BEST at Terrorism Prevention... 'cuz They Do 3 Simple Things We're Afraid to:

As recently noted at Brietbart, the Italians have a remarkable record in
pre-empting terrorist attacks upon it's land, citizens, and/or infrastructure- including overseas operations in places like Kosovo and with additional reach provided by Italian special forces. Potential targets have included major tourist attractions, historical sites, the Vatican, and recently, the Pope himself...

And while Italy's incredibly lengthy coast, official corruption, well-entrenched smuggling operations/mafia organizations, and geographic situation directly facing ISIS positions seem to make Islamic terrorist strikes within Italy just a matter of time, the Italian security forces surely haven't adopted the sort of defeatism seen in some Western capitals.

Fact is, I can't remember the last time I heard of a significant terrorist strike on Italian soil... but you sure see stories about Carabinieri breaking-down some door and preventing yet another terrorist plot in the planning stages all the time. And when they do, the Italian courts don't play any games with the 'rights' of scum, they get them out of the country for good...

1) 'unapologetic' racial/religious/sex-based profiling

2) regular deportation of individuals considered a security threat

3) prompt arrest of radical Islamists who preach anti-Western violence

Italian NOCS unit

The United States -under the serially-misguided Obama Administration-
is of course currently doing none of these things.

Over in Israel, security measures also include RACIAL and RELIGIOUS PROFILING applied not only to who they -say- choose to interview at the airport, but at security booths far, far from the actual terminal. In other words, if they don't like the looks of ya, they pull you out of the approach road for an interview/inspection kilometers from even the airport parking lots... surrounded by heavily armed soldiers.

Obama of course abhors the thought of any sort of profiling -he still thinks guys named Billy Bob are more of a threat, anyway. 

Now ever-scheming BHO seeks to bring in hundreds -if not thousands- more people we're not supposed to judge for coming from a violent Muslim shithole. It's almost like the forced integration in American schools via bussing was expanded super-size, assigned to the task of changing the mix our entire society, and this time by bussing-in 3rd-world immigrants from every corner of the globe... and as fast as they can physically scamper over.

And of course he's blocking all sorts of deportations, never seems to have met an immigrant he didn't like... especially Muslim ones. 

As for busting and deporting radical preachers, this plays to Trump, certainly... he's the only one who's fearlessly advocated -as I long have- electronic or physical monitoring of all US mosques, at least until Islamic mass-murder sprees go out of fashion.

I'm primarily a Cruz guy, but whoever we chose this country sure does need somebody willing to get real about this big hot mess he's inheriting...
crack a few heads like they do it in Italy, and build a wall.

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