03 December 2015

With Technology/Automation/Robots
Eliminating MANY Low-Skill Jobs, We Import
1000s More Unemployable Dummies...?

Now that a major, historic disruption of the US jobs market is upon us
-one sure to hit the bottom-to-lower-middle skill levels the hardest- the truth is that NObody has any idea what kind of work will actually be left remaining for 

human beings to perform when the dust has settled...

Not only will more physical tasks be replaced by robots -think maintenance, warehouses, transport- but many American retail positions, long a job an immigrant can get (mall, car sales, fast food)- are clearly doomed by the pressures of online competition and/or physical replacement by automation.

Even routine management that requires thinking and decision making can eventually be taken-over by artificial intelligence technology... so how is there ever going to be any kind of demand for the thousands of stupid, unskilled 'folks' -often illiterate even in their own language- Obama seeks to bring into our overcrowded, increasingly un-assimilated country? 

Other than kebab/coffee shops and hookah joints, there's never going to be sufficient employment available in this country for poorly-educated/misguided Muslims hostile to assimilation... we're not suffering any kind of labor shortage on the lower half of the wage scale. Alas, even when the government hands them a cush job they can't play nice with the others.

I'm sure all the utterly unemployable Syrians and Iraqis Obama wants to ship-in now won't get involved in anything bad once they develop festering resentments on welfare for a decade while attending some radical mosque- you know, like hook-up with existing revolutionary forces and 
burn this place to the ground...

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