14 January 2016

Any Iowa Caucus Goers Wasting Good Cruz Votes
on Santorum or Huckabee are
Doing Conservatism a Serious Disfavor

just sayin...

What's the point of voting for some spoiler polling at 1-3% -both Santorum and the Huckster in the race for dubious reasons anyway, imho.

I got to assume such Republican base voters would prefer someone other than Trump be the nominee... and sure can't see what any real conservative wouldn't want to support Cruz as the most credible alternative. Why are people even considering Santorum or Huckabee at this point... nothing special about either of these retreads, really.

With Cruz and Trump polling neck-and-neck in Iowa, conservative GOP voters really ought to think about what an extra 5% could do for Ted Cruz if we ignore diversionary candidates who going nowhere -and are only splitting the right- you can bet Rove pushed Huckabee into this, at least. With Santorum it might just be ego, but what a waste of time and money anyway.

Add that +5% to Cruz's superior ground-game and influential endorsements in Iowa, and I'm feeling real good about his chances there. But c'mon Hawkeyes, don't be throwing any dead-enders a pity vote... Ted Cruz needs your support -starting today- and please tell your friends.

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