19 January 2016

Breitbart (and Drudge?) Being Paid
BIG Bucks for Glowing Trump Coverage?

How else to explain it... Mark Levin was scratching his aerodynamic dome all last week wondering how these two have evolved into such fervent Trumpster sites, pumping Trump's disingenuous false narratives and slander against  Ted Cruz in an increasingly biased way regarding tone and substance...

One way to make sense of it all might be a long-forgotten story that Buzzfeed and Mediaite put out last August where they had former Brietbart staffers going public with accusations that the site has been paid by the Trump campaign to ensure positive coverage (and suppression of viable rivals like Ted Cruz) from the get-go:

In a bombshell allegation, three Breitbart staffers have told Buzzfeed they believe their website is being paid by Donald Trump to provide positive coverage for his presidential campaign.

Buzzfeed’s McKay Coppins reports that many staffers at the conservative website have privately complained about the website’s relentlessly positive coverage of Trump. 'One current editor… said he was told by an executive last year that the company had a financial arrangement with Trump,' Coppins writes. 'A second Breitbart staffer said he had heard a similar description of the site’s relationship with the billionaire but didn’t know the details; and a third source at the company said he knew of several instances when managers had overruled editors at Trump’s behest.'

Coppins also interviewed a 'communications operative' who claims to work closely with Breitbart. He claims the operative had conversations with multiple editors and writers confirming the arrangement, and 'one staffer claimed to have seen documentation of the ‘pay for play.'

If that doesn't bother Trump supporters, there's really
something wrong with you... really. But for the rest of us, there's little surprise here.

Drudge has been more subtle about it -and nobody's come out and said anything specifically about him that I could find- however there's no doubt the hyper-influential site has been giving The Donald a tongue bath while posting every dubious cheap shot/negative implication on Cruz that the ruthless Trump campaign could -apparently- shovel them.

Something sure stinks in the way Brietbart and Drudge have lost their neutrality/conservative-street-cred while collaborating with the left, MSM, and Trump-bots to smear a good man -Ted Cruz- just to ride Trump's Hitler-esque wave of adoration. Maybe that's because along with NYC values, he brought his big, fat wallet.