04 January 2016

GREAT: So Now Google Is Blocking Access to
Anti-Muslim-Immigration Blog Posts?

If you've got a website or are otherwise familiar with traffic-tracking sites out there, you'll know that Google no longer allows you to see the search terms that a reader has used to find a specific page/URL on your own blog or website (if they are signed-in with their Google account when searching, which is most people). I use 'StatCounter' to see the what, who, and when of those coming to my own blog...

So I cannot say with any certainty why somebody at Google HQ in Mountain View, CA is searching for my posts, nor what search terms they used to find me, but suffice to say I come up #1, 3, or 4 (Statcounter still tells you that) for whatever terms they did use to find a couple of recent posts:

What they've done subsequently is truncate the URL that the Google Search sends a reader to on my site by lopping-off the last ten characters (of the two above posts) or so the reader just gets a 404 error message 'Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.' ... preventing them from ever reaching the Reaganite Republican post the Google Search was supposed to link them to (based on the reader's query/search results):

-click to enlarge-

That's the only two posts I've seen it done to by Google so far, but what a coincidence they're both on the same sort of unfashionable topics that Zuckerberg and Merkel were overheard scheming to censor in a recent
'hot mike' oopsie. 

Odd though that they don't just block the posts from Google Search results entirely, but I assume either somebody like CAIR said something, or Google actively seeks posts to censor... things that make you go 'hmmm'.

Would welcome any other theories/ideas- something stinks if you ask me.

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