06 January 2016

Migrant Rape-Spree Has Germans Terrified,
Quickly Turning on Bilderberger Agent Merkel

Fox/Berlin – A string of sex assaults and robberies during New Year's celebrations in Germany has fuelled debate about the country's ability to integrate large numbers of refugees after police said that men who targeted dozens of women in the western city of Cologne appeared to be of
"Arab or North African origin."

Political leaders including Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned the attacks, though many also warned against hasty conclusions about the perpetrators. But to some Germans already uneasy about the one million asylum-seekers their country took in last year the incident seemed to confirm simmering fears.

"Is this the 'cosmopolitan and colorful' Germany that Merkel wished for?" asked Frauke Petry, leader of the nationalist party Alternative for Germany (AfD)... 

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