07 January 2016

More New Year's Eve Fun in Germany:
Underage Girls Gang-Raped by Mob of Syrians
'Multiple Times' in Weil am Rein

I sincerely hope these families are all suing this traitor personally....

Scanning through the German blogs brings more suppressed-to-this-point news from the first terrifying New Year's shared with their new Muslim neighbors, and lost in shadow of appalling lawlessness in Köln are a number of other stories- in fact every major city and town in Germany experienced sex-crimes at the hands of Middle Eastern and/or Muslim men on NYE.

In the southern German town of Weil am Rein -which is basically a suburb of Basel, Switzerland- underage teen girls -a mere 14 and 15 years old- were gang-raped 'multiple times' by four young Syrian men -now in police detention- 'aged 16-20'.

When you add the 1000+ offenders at Köln to all the other stories now slipping by the semi-official news blackout in Germany and it seems the German police have all but capitulated.

And PLENTY of shame-n-blame to go all around over there-- Merkel for inflicting this on her people, 'Migrants welcome' idiots over there who supported her in all this, and German husbands, brothers, and boyfriends for not ripping the perps limb-by-limb in the street.... I know I would, do that to my daughter and you'll be wishing ISIS had finished you off.

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