18 January 2016

REALITY: I Personally Know a Guy Who Was
Ripped-Off by Trump for a 7-figure Amount...

He stressed that Donald Trump was never to be trusted, 
for the man operates utterly devoid of principle

What happened is the NY attorney I know -and his lawyer sister- had done business with Trump, and in fact had all but won a case for him that resulted in a substantial cash settlement, to which the attorneys were contractually entitled to their % cut once the lawsuit was done. In this particular circumstance, the fee was to be over a million dollars, and it wasn't the
first time they had worked with The Donald...

So when it all fell their way, Trump suddenly overnight fires the legal team who brought him to victory's doorway so he wouldn't have to pay them the
% fee rightfully due... then he hired some schlubbs who worked for a low hourly wage to do the paperwork and wrap up the already in-the-bag case.

Ever the ruthless opportunist, Trump found a hole in the contract he did with my friend, that the deal allowed them to be fired -for zero cause- and paid an hourly pittance for their work up to that point... totally violating the spirit of the contract, what a scumbag. He offered no explanation, and afterwards would not return their calls. 'Art of the Deal' indeed~

I was told this story back in 2012, when starting to flirt with the idea of giving Trump a little support on my site. The (conservative, registered Republican) lawyer friend -a man I trust utterly- went on to tell me the above story, adding that Trump simply didn't have the principles to hold such a powerful position, and that it would probably be better for us all if he just stayed in the real estate business and screwed people over there.

You can now see this shocking lack of principle in Trump's disingenuous and dishonest attacks on Ted Cruz... seems my friend was right all along.

Trump obviously can't compete with Cruz on the issues- and he couldn't make that any more apparent than with his current deplorable behavior.

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