30 January 2016

'The Extraordinary Ted Cruz'

By Janice Shaw Crouse
The social, cultural, and political chaos of the U.S. after 7 years of the Obama administration make Election 2016 a critical, historic election. Only one candidate has the credentials and character necessary to deal with the elites’ hostility to conservative principles. We desperately need a leader who is up to the task of confronting the liberals and progressives in much of the government (especially the lawless Federal judiciary and Justice Department), the major corporations, and the news and entertainment media who have worked overtime to shield the likes of Hillary “what difference at this point does it make” Clinton and Barack 'I’ve got a pen' Obama.

Today, if we are to once again prosper, our nation must have tough, principled leadership with the skills to unapologetically and effectively defend historic American values against the drumbeat of politically-correct nonsense in the public square and the onslaught of outlandish government policies mixed with corruption and cronyism. 

The anger and revolt of Main Street Americans this election season shows that we’ve had enough of empty rhetoric, political spin, lies, and incompetence; we might not survive another failed presidency. 

But anger is not enough to produce change; it is not a strategy for fixing our problems. The next president must have abundant courage and competence to face the thorny issues requiring a steady determination, firm goals, and principled leadership...

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