08 February 2016

25% of TRUMP Campaign Spending
Went to His Own Companies

TRUMP 2000: 'It’s very possible that I could be the first 
presidential candidate to run and make money on it'

-and NO, he's no longer 'self funding'...

“It’s very possible that I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it,” Donald Trump told Fortune in 2000, during his first abortive run for president.

He was referring to a $1 million motivational speaking deal he got from Tony Robbins that he timed to coincide with his campaign stops. Then, he didn’t dominate the headlines—apparently the Clinton-Bush-Gore psychodrama was more compelling—and Trump’s greatest accomplishment was winning the Reform party nomination in California with a scant 15,311 votes

His bon mots haven’t changed much—Fortune refers to “his usual critiques of Pat Buchanan (‘a Hitler lover’), Bill Bradley (‘a total disaster’),
George W. Bush (‘no Einstein’), Fidel Castro (‘a bad guy’),
North Korea (‘run by some very bad people’), and Russia (‘totally mixed up’).”

This time around, as the leading candidate for the Republican nomination,
he operates on a more rarified and lucrative plane: 

Trump’s companies have already earned $1.4 million from his campaign

The billionaire builder often argues that his wealth guarantees his
political independence, and describes his campaign as “self-funding.

That’s no longer true: While he was the main source of campaign funds during the early part of his run, the most recent financial disclosures through the end of September 2015, show- 

Trump put less money into his campaign than his donors

And he stands to profit in particular from their backing... 

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