15 February 2016

Jeb Bush PAC Internal Poll Has Ted Cruz Now Just
TWO POINTS Behind Trump in South Carolina

If you'll recall, Newt came from behind 
and surprised everybody there last time too...

According to Howard Kurtz at Fox a pro-Bush PAC has handed Jeb's campaign a polling report that has Ted Cruz surging in South Carolina... 
an entirely different picture painted by dubious public polls:

Trump 26%
Cruz    24

Jeb      12

Rubio  11
I know Trumpsters are just going to dismiss this with their standard condescending, all-knowing snarky chuckle, BUT I would suggest that if Trump doesn't take South Carolina, he's in one hell of lot of trouble... SC is an open primary, which helps a liberal Republican like Donald Trump- as it clearly did in New Hampshire

Since he's not a conservative, these states are vital for The Donald- 
mixed primaries actually represent his 'base', as it is.

If Trump can't win SC, how's he ever going to conquer Dixie? 

With Evangelicals slowly coming to their senses, the next five weeks look very, very favorable to Senator Cruz. 

I would also hazard to say that many GOPers will now have SCOTUS nominations on their mind... so any social conservative with a lick of sense would never empower Trump to go and put his liberal, pro-abortion sister 
-or anybody like her- on the US Supreme Court... would they?

In contrast, most reality-dwellers know they can trust Ted Cruz to select a qualified, talented constitutional conservative for any open seat... 
no doubt.  

As the rancid Obama regime promptly sets to scheming in the wake of Justice Scalia's highly suspicious passing this weekend, Senator Ted Cruz has already pledged to filibuster any Obama nominee, so as to provide
We The People a word in all this. What's not to love?

Ted Cruz: right hero at the right time... 

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