18 February 2016

Over-the-Top Trump Pumping Garbage

Unbelievable how lame some of this stuff is... 
seems infatuated people will believe anything.

And the instant mob lynching of whomever 
Trump tells them to is a bit scary, even Orwellian:

Nice Photoshop uglifying... and psychopath now too?

When Trump smears somebody with a broad brush, 
it must be true- he's not a politician!

100% nonsense, but hey don't stop them now, they're on a roll

Vaguely Nazi-style propaganda

Goebbels -surely an inspiration-
would have loved this one- just add greedy Jew nose


'Don't know where we're going- but you can't stop us'

How dumb would you have to be...

This dumb, perhaps: 

Trump's illusion of 'inevitability' closing strategy,
as outlined in The Art of the Deal

Funny because Trump has such great hair, never any infantile tantrums

Unlike the foreign scum running against him, right

More disingenuous horseshit

How old are some of you people- five? 

Hollow pablum from fired-up Trumpkins
(note: 'Americans' isn't possessive)

Because only Trump knows that- or something

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