13 February 2016

WaPo: 'Don’t Sleep on Ted Cruz...
Next 5 Weeks Look Very, Very Good for Him-'

Ted Cruz didn't do well in New Hampshire on Tuesday, finishing in third place behind Donald Trump and John Kasich. But it's hard to say he has lost any real momentum; New Hampshire just wasn't a good state for a
candidate like him.

And moving forward, it's easy to see how the Granite State could one day look like a very minor bump along Cruz's path to the Republican presidential nomination.

Cruz's win in the Iowa caucuses last week was, as it has been for every recent GOP Iowa winner, heavily reliant on evangelical Christians.
He over-performed among this group, beating Trump 34-22 among them.

Two points here. The first is that, yes, Iowa is a very evangelical state, and not every state -- read: New Hampshire -- has the same makeup. In fact,
New Hampshire is the least religious state in the country, according to Gallup, and PRRI reports only about 1 in 10 residents is an evangelical.

In this regard, though, the next few weeks of the GOP race look a whole lot more like Iowa than New Hampshire. And that is fantastic for Cruz... 

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