22 February 2016

Zillions of Fake Trump-Troll Twitter/FB/Forum Accounts Popping Up Left-and-Right

And they're not difficult to spot... 

He's definitely thorough -and thoroughly devious- I'll give him that.

But besides buying-out bobble head Palin and apparently Breitbart/Drudge, (aka 'Trumpbart' lol) Trump is now unleashing wave-after-wave of online trolls to attack every single pro-Cruz post... and twirl their virtual pom-poms
in your face.

They are very easy to spot, tho- 20 - 100 followers, lame sunset or some such background they found in 5 seconds, one 'character' trait like 'I'm a trucker', and typically a profile photo that looks like a model or some other 'winner'.

And they always link Trump's own twitter account on EVERY thread... apparently getting paid per post. It's obvious they all work of the same list of talking points- when challenged in-depth, they don't seem to really understand anything but the basics... like anybody's first week on the job, I guess.

They all seem to have an assigned character, usually are anchored to a specific issue/block of voters... 'Jews for Trump', Trump-Texas, whatever. There were a bunch of Iowa/NH/SC characters on there lately -who all have disappeared- only to be replaced by a whole slew of new ones throughout Dixie today.

I've had one assigned to my website, and one to my FB page... both of which attacked pro-Cruz posts at any hour of the day or night until I blocked them.

They also jam all online polls for Trump- thus, he polls 65-85% after every debate, yet pulls a weak 32.5% when he scores his 'big win'- hardly what you might call dominating.

And they love to tell you how the race is all but over when Trump has merely 
70 of the 1257 delegates required to win the nomination- please.

These trolls always engage politely in a transparent -and brief- 
charm offensive, but it doesn't take much resistance before they start telling me what an idiot I am... and in terms that would make even The Donald blush (picture a darker orange or perhaps cinnamon color).

They also work in teams... if I get into it with one of them before I notice it's a fake-looking account, 2-3 others promptly appear to lynch me/chant in unison.

Some pathetic efforts at acting can be seen as well, of Facebook, twitter, even on Free Republic these days. Some pose as 'disillusioned' Cruz fans, others say they were 'never for Trump' and they're Christian and/or conservative and will be 'glad to support him' in the general.

That's because the Trump campaign knows perfectly well there are legions of conservatives so astonished by a GOP primary that could nominate a lifelong liberal and potential tyrant that we just might stay home if he's foisted upon us.

I would hate to do it -held my nose and voted for Romney last time- but Trump is simply not acceptable to large swathes of the voting public. And numbers bear this out, regardless of how loud he and his trolls/supporters shout at us.