29 March 2016

CONFRONTED: Another Wisconsin Radio Interview
Blows Up in Trump's Face

Yesterday's hero was Charlie Sykes on WTMJ for the way he pinned Trump to the wall in a Easter weekend radio interview... real good stuff if you didn't catch it.

Today we have Vicki McKenna at WISN doing more of the same  -so is it suddenly open season on Trump now?

As the MSM's refusal to cover the news accurately gave rise to Breitbart and Drudge -and subsequently those two sold-out to Trump and are now creating an online market for the reality-based coverage they refuse to do- the 'conservative' on-air media's daily tongue-bath of Trump has already produced a MASSIVE opportunity for any conservative TV or radio host who's not afraid to ask The Donald a few questions... seems Vicki McKenna was more than happy to fill the unsatisfied demand.

Trump simply cannot take the heat... 
small wonder he's afraid to debate Ted Cruz:

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