17 March 2016

NO, #NeverTrump Isn't Getting On The #TrumpTrain...

by Ben Shapiro @ Daily Wire
With Donald Trump moving steadily toward the Republican nomination, conservatives have now been put to the test: is #NeverTrump serious?

The conventional wisdom says no. Most commentators tut-tut exit polls showing that a large minority of Republicans say they won’t vote Trump under any circumstances; once they’re faced with the specter of Hillary, the logic goes, they’ll fall in line behind the demagogic real estate strong man.

Trump himself is already pushing this line. Cleverly utilizing the GOP loyalty pledge demanded of him early in the campaign – a loyalty pledge I opposed at the time – Trump now says that if Republicans don’t line up behind him, they’ll be handing the nomination to Hillary. 

“Let me tell you,” said the Cicero-like orator, “a third party guarantees – not 90 percent or 99 percent, 100 percent – that Democrats will win. Probably Hillary, I guess it’s Hillary, looks like it if she gets to the starting gate, which she probably will, frankly.” Or, as Trump’s even less coherent supporters say, in the mold of Snidely Whiplash tying Nell to the train tracks, “get on the #TrumpTrain or get run over!”

Just to drive the point home, Trump says that there will be riots if he goes to the convention with the most delegates but is denied the nomination.... 

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