31 March 2016

Trump Facing Inconvenient Defeat in Wisconsin

He's already cheesed-off 70% of all cheese-heads

As the latest polling in Wisconsin betrays Trump's widespread unpopularity there, his larger nationwide problem is that women specifically are beginning to coalesce into an anti-Trump alliance...
and that most certainly includes The Badger State

It's no secret that female voters were having a hard time getting into the Trump thing, but his recent repellant behavior and attitude re. Heidi Cruz and Michelle Fields is making the choice a lot easier for them. I mean, when you lose rabid supporter Ann Coulter perhaps you've taken your (pointless, completely unnecessary, and damaging to the GOP) war-on-women too far.

Has it occurred to Mr Trump's supporters yet that offending a large majority of American women -when you intend to go-up against Hillary in the fall- is about the stupidest thing he could possibly do? Trump could have done less damage eating a live kitten on stage.

I for one anxiously await the next round of polling re. hypothetical Trump vs Hillary matchup- he was already weak there before his latest misguided displays of misogyny.

The answer for the GOP? Dump Trump and nominate Ted Cruz -perhaps with staunchly pro-life Carly Fiorina in the VP slot- to take on and destroy Hillary. Polling has long supported the idea that Cruz vs Clinton works better than it would with Trump, and that's not likely to change now.

If Wisconsin goes the way I think it's going to, Trump's sputtering campaign is entirely unlikely to reach 1237 delegates prior to Cleveland. And The Donald mostly trades on an air of inevitability (was never true, but the co-opted 'conservative' media is certainly still pushing that faded narrative), so just watch and see how he does once Ted Cruz exposes Trump's true electoral mediocrity.

With California fully in-play, Ted Cruz reaching 1237 prior to the convention is not out of the realm of possibility for him- but he's a lot more likely to beat Trump on the 2nd or 3rd ballot there. 

On the other (tiny) hand, Trump's probably going to arrive in need of delegates, and will in my opinion have a hard time finding new friends- 
rather, he's made an awful lot of enemies.

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