31 March 2016

Trump’s Campaign Is Run by A LOBBYIST...

by Patricia Murphy
Donald Trump
has stood by his man, Corey Lewandowski, in ways large and small since the day Trump launched his scorched-earth campaign for president in July with Lewandowski at the helm.

On Tuesday, Trump Tweeted his support for Lewandowski after the aide turned himself in to Jupiter, Florida, police on battery charges stemming from an incident when he grabbed a female reporter after a Trump press conference. In March, Trump literally stood next to Lewandowski at victory speech days after the incident, telling Lewandowski, “Good job, Corey.”

And Trump has never flinched from retaining Lewandowski to run his campaign, which Trump paints as a grassroots movement against lobbyists and special interests. That’s despite the fact that Lewandowski himself worked as federal lobbyist for special interests for nearly 10 years before joining the Trump campaign... 

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