22 April 2016

-and Ignorant Trumpster Sheep Therein

Just decided to end my long association with Free Republic -was sick of grappling with cowardly, anonymous pro-Trump mods anyway. Now add Grand Poobah JimRob's endorsement of Trump yesterday I can't take 
no mo'... simply not willing to be part of this idiot cult in any way.

Jim Robinson's definitely got some dumb redneck friends, so I always assumed they were spitting in his ear- but somehow thought he was principled- too principled for Trump, at least. 

Not exactly sure where I got that idea, but if you're not appalled by Trump's shady past, RICO charges, mafia connections, serial dishonesty, obvious mental problems, viciously dishonest personal attacks, flirting with
Vladimir Putin, and glaring foreign policy ignorance, there's something
wrong with you- really.

So I wonder what kind of check Trump cut for JimRob's always-dubious
slush fund- was it five-digits, or six? 

Besides his inexcusable support for The Donald's center-left political platform, Robinson's endorsement 'for party unity' sounds like Trump bootlicks Hannity or O'Reilly, with an assumption of an 'unstoppable' Trump- when he knows perfectly damn well that Trump's path to 1237 is quite narrow

Most intellectually-honest people are aware it's going to the convention, and surely so is JimRob -he's not stupid- so one has to assume he was bought to come out for Trump now, since all he ever does is ask for money anyway.

Remember when he tore Romney to shreds in 2012 for his weak abortion stance? What a joke. I'd like to see him explain that one -except everybody's afraid to ask him questions over there. 

But after fawning over Jim Robinson for years, his most loyal FReeper clique
-which seems to consist primarily of preppers and old ladies- are all trained and ready for Trump adoration- in that sense, the deal's a perfect fit.

Alas, it seems Jim Robinson was always the same kind of fraudulent 'conservative' Trump is  -shadyand with the ceaseless collection drives,
as greedy 
as him too. 

Anyway, this ought to keep him in new motor homes -and fat and happy at the Fresno Olive Garden- until they put him in the ground.

Where to go from here? I like the GOP Briefing Room, which has already laid-out the welcome mat for 'FR refugees'...

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