06 April 2016

RIGGING SOCIAL MEDIA: 'How + Why Did Team Trump Amass 500,000 Bogus Twitter Accounts?'

'Mostly run out of the Middle East...'

For the ten years I’ve been roaming the halls of social media, blogging, radio, Twitter, Facebook and just about anything to make my political voice heard. When this election cycle started, and Donald Trump jumped into the race for the White House, I knew things would get wild. Just how wild? I had no idea what was about to come.

From my years on Twitter I’ve ran many campaigns against in what I believed to be wrong, and unjust. I have years of knowledge on how to run multiple Twitter accounts, and how to go about getting those. It’s not as simple as going out, creating an email account and then starting a Twitter account, not if you’re talking about five hundred thousand accounts. And, brand spanking new Twitter accounts won’t cut it, they get suspended too easy. You need 'aged' accounts, accounts that have been steeping for at least five years... 

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