16 April 2016

RUSH: '1st Amendment' Trump Employed Dirty Tricks
-and Media Complicity- to Sabotage Ted Cruz
Speech at NY Republican Party Dinner

'A multipart trick that involves a whole lotta people...' 

Well, I guess I'm wrong. Guess I'm the only guy that I know who thinks that a dirty trick was pulled last night. I mean, if it was a dirty trick, it has to be one of the best that I've seen, in I don't know how long, and they've got everybody playing along with it. It's the most amazing thing, but it must not have been a dirty trick 'cause I'm the only guy who thinks it was.

No, what happened at that Republican thing last night, the New York GOP speech, I'll show you here in a minute. I'll show you what I'm talking about.
It's the most amazing thing and everybody is just playing right along with the whole premise that is accompanying what happened there last night...

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