08 April 2016

Seriously- are Putin and Trump Scheming

Both of these diabolical megalomaniacs think that being
underhanded, ruthless, and greedy makes them 'great'- 
so who would put it past them to decide they've got most all 
the military power on Earth -at least the northern hemisphere- 
so us two ought to be running things, see?

Trump loves him some Putin -Putin endorses Trump
  • Trump: 'Wouldn't it be nice if we could get along with the Russians?' (RR: yes, but we're talking about the Russians here)
  • Trump's quite popular in Russia- too popular to not arouse suspicion, with the masses and in the Kremlin... and since when do they like any American who isn't a useful idiot for them?
  • The Kremlin already has established ties with most of the right-wing populist parties in Europe... and seems to be seeking to repeat the pattern and hold under their sway the most powerful position in the world, the American president.

Trump has adopted a strikingly similar online cyber-war strategy as Kremlin did in the case of the Crimea-Ukraine crisis... 100,000s of fake troll accounts that 'like' and re-tweet each other's posts all day and night, attack challengers (like myself) in packs of 2-3 (probably same person), jam every online poll, and now Trump's trolls invade Breitbart and other comment forums- same as Russian trolls operating out of St Petersburg were doing in 2014-15.
The Trump operation is said to be run out of the Middle East.

If he's not actually being advised by Moscow -Donald Jr's been there 30x, btw- Trump at very least found significant inspiration in the Russians'
sinister online offensives.

  • While Putin had government resources to start his English-language propaganda outlets like 'RT' Russia Today, notoriously cheap Trump is said to be running fake 'news' websites out of Macedonia.
  • Trump's relentless smears/false accusations/disinformation campaign against Ted Cruz could have come straight-out of the KGB/FSB playbook.
  • Trump has already made noises that Europe should be 'paying their own way', and about NATO perhaps being irrelevant now... how could it be any better in Vladimir Putin's dreams?
  • Trump has been attempting to do business with the Russians since the waning days of the Soviet empire, and better US relations with Moscow could prove to be very, very lucrative over the long-term for the Trump Organization- especially if he's the one that gave them what they want when he was president.

  • Trump’s Russia adviser Carter Page has been described as a 'globalist entrepreneur w/ ties to Russian intelligence'
  • Senior Trump aide Paul Manafort funneled the ill-gotten fortune of a mob-linked Ukrainian oligarch and fugitive wanted by the FBI -Dmitry Firtash- (who's very close to Putin/overthrown Yanukovych regime) into U.S. real estate

TO THE VICTORS GO THE SPOILS: My money says Putin and Trump's people have been in-contact, are co-ordinating and learning from each other- and that they plan to sit-down like Malta and basically carve-up Europe, split the Arctic, and abandon Israel... if Trump pulls it off.

God Help Us if he does.

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