04 April 2016

Trump Is Toast -and Good Riddance

Kurt Schlichter @ Townhall:
So I asked Bitey the Dog about her views on NATO, and she responded by growling and attacking my sock. In doing so, she offered a more comprehensive, insightful, and sane commentary on this vital alliance than the putative Republican frontrunner.

Yes, it’s been a bad couple weeks for Donald Trump. Let’s review:

· His skeevy attacks on Ted Cruz’s wife confirmed his status, in the eyes of women, as America’s nightmare first husband.

· His transparent plant of the bizarre “Ted Cruz, Sex God” story in his pal’s pseudo-paper offended anyone who doesn’t require a drool bib.

· He repudiated his pledge to support the eventual nominee – hard to believe Donald Trump’s word is literally not worth the paper it’s printed on – and managed to both alienate even more Republicans while simultaneously putting at risk some of his own delegates.

· His campaign manager got charged with battering a woman, the same women whose Bic pen the noted Vietnam War non-veteran subsequently claimed placed him in mortal danger.

· He was ordered to report to Principal Priebus’s office for some pathetic groveling before the establishment he pretends he’s broken.

· He was unable to decide whether women who have an abortion should be tossed in a dungeon or given a medal.

· Polls are predicting his impending humiliation in Wisconsin.

And, to compound his hilarious and well-deserved agony, people are starting to review the general election polls – the real polls, not the online polls that unemployable geebos in red hats live to vote in – and they are seeing that it might be an uphill climb to win an election when about 60% of voters actively despise you. And that’s just among Republicans.

But a bad week for Trump is a good week for America.
This clown isn’t done yet, but his sell-by date as Republican is fast approaching and I couldn’t be happier...

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