09 May 2016

Trumpsters, Please Stop Trying To Guilt Us
into Voting for Your Candidate

Dear Trumpsters-
Please stop telling us that we will be the reason for doom and gloom falling on our country if we do not vote for your candidate. We are too smart to fall for the cheap guilt trip.

Over the past several weeks, you have called me a zealot, told me if Hillary wins, that it’s my fault, told me that the horror she will bring rests on my shoulders, and all manner of things. You have told me that she is going take the Second Amendment from us, along with more of our religious freedoms. She is basically going to destroy the country as we know it. You are telling me that this is my fault because I won’t vote for Trump.

My contention is that Trump and Hillary are the same thing. For years, Trump supported Hillary, gave money to her campaign, shared her values, and hobnobbed with her and Bill. Suddenly, he changes in an instant and you fell for it. Sorry, only Jesus and the Holy Spirit can bring about such a radical change in a person, and that change has nothing to do with the political parties in our country. Trump’s move to the Republican party was done merely to upset the apple cart, and you failed to see that.

Because of your blindness, your fleshly desire for a candidate who will flip off the country, who will make brash statements, who lacks wisdom, who is a boaster, proud, haughty, you know, all the things that are condemned in Scripture, you got what you wanted... 

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