23 June 2016

Trump Trolls Attempt to Take My Advertising Away by Filing Complaints with AdSense (from India)

Is there any doubt remaining that Trump's online troll army is at least copying the Kremlin's online scorched-Earth strategy, if not actually colluding with Putin's hacker/troll outfit in St Petersburg? This sort of dirty pool ought to be a dead giveaway...

In the eight years I've had the blog Reaganite Republican, there has been but one complaint -ever- about 'inappropriate' content to Google Adsense. The claim was dubious, but since you can't really interact with Google in any kind of reasonable time frame, it's best to just take down the post so they don't think you're violating TOS. 

Alas, this year there's already been three, all seemingly disingenuous protests to AdSense about 'adult content' re. some picture of a girl in a bikini I may have posted years ago- and nothing overly revealing, mind you. (I used to post Miss Universe contestants or whatever back when I was trying to build traffic, as part of Stacy McCain's 'Rule 5' bloggers, but decided it was kind of tacky and stopped doing the posts a few years ago).

What is obvious is that somebody has scoured through my site looking for anything they could find to cause me trouble with Google BlogAds, which everybody knows is the dominant player in per-click advertising. And then they pretend to be 'offended' by it.

Two of the recent three complaints were filed from India... just the sort of place a notoriously cheap bastard like Donald Trump would hire warm bodies to do this stuff. Does anybody really believe I'm suddenly offending India with posts that went up in 2009? 

We really DO need to stop this rotten and self-serving beast before it's too late... can you imagine Trump in charge of the IRS, FBI, DHS, along with the CIA and the world's strongest military? When he's already into character assassination via the National Enquirer and
scheming with Vladimir Putin with underhanded online 'dark ops'?

I'm sure I'm already on the 'Trump haters' list. 


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