01 June 2016

Unsealed Trump University Playbooks Reveal Repugnant Tactics Employed to Bleed Suckers Dry

Donald Trump promises the world on the campaign trail, and salesmen for his shuttered Trump University did the same in their savvy and duplicitous pitches to potential customers, according to the marketing playbooks they used, which were unsealed Tuesday by a federal judge.

Prospective students were fed specifically choreographed lines from the playbooks — which essentially served as step-by-step guides for Trump University coordinators to complete their sales of the courses — leading many of them to sign up at costs upwards of $35,000.

The playbooks — unsealed by Gonzalo Curiel, the California federal court judge who is hearing the class action case against Trump University — contain what appear to be hundreds of pages of suggested compelling antics for representatives for the school to respond to every conceivable "not interested" line from potential customers and, in turn, convince them to sign up for the pricey programs.

Among them are eye-poppingly aggressive scripts for representatives to explain to leery would-be customers why they should peel out their credit cards on the spot and charge the whopping tuition fees on plastic... 

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