03 June 2016

WHO Deserves Blame for the
Disastrous Nomination of Donald Trump?

This week, the Republican Party wrapped itself in the white flag.

Donald Trump has won enough delegates to to guarantee that he will clinch the GOP nomination. And one of his fiercest opponents, Marco Rubio, cozied up to him, almost begging for a chance to speak at the GOP convention — even after Trump attacked the party’s most prominent Latino.

While a few stray #NeverTrump -ers can be heard in the distance, complaining that the self-proclaimed billionaire 'makes George Wallace look like Churchill' and vowing to never ever vote for a candidate who is the choice of pretty much any strutting online anti-Semite you can find,
resistance is futile.

The GOP is now officially Trump’s party. Yet at the same time, 'Very Serious People' want us to absolve the GOP for delivering us a candidate whose great public accomplishments include getting rid of the talent portion of beauty pageants, using racism to undermine America’s first black president, and winning a major party’s nomination by vowing to ban 1.6 billion people from entering the country...

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