05 July 2016

'Ben Heard'

-The junior senator for Nebraska thinks both parties are breaking apart-

CALL it the “Sunset Boulevard” riposte. Too many candidates have spent this election declaring that America is too diminished or plain dumb to keep its people prosperous and safe. 

Such gloom has served some of them dismayingly well. Filter out this doomy din, though, and a bunch of young, reform-minded conservatives can be heard making a different case. 

To paraphrase Norma Desmond, these reform Republicans believe America is still big; it’s the politics that got small. One of them is Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska, a 44-year-old former college wrestler, business consultant, policy adviser in the government of George W. Bush, university president and, to date, one of the only members of Congress to say that conservative principle will stop him voting Republican in November if Donald Trump is the party’s nominee...

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