20 July 2016

'I Lied To Myself For Years
About Who My Allies Were-- NO MORE'

'I ignored my gut and my moral compass'

Donald Trump is my fault as much as anyone else's.

It started way back in 2009-2010 when the Tea Party erupted on the scene.
At the core of the tea party was a principle that I agreed with so much that
I became a conservative activist during that time period. That core was principled, fiscal conservatism and a desire to return to the things that had made America great.

We said it lots of different ways back then. "Take our country back." "Return to the Constitution." It really is embodied quite nicely in Donald Trump's motto: Make America great again.

That's what we wanted. A budget that the country's federal government had to live within. A shrinking bureaucracy. An end to exploding entitlements...

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