01 July 2016

#NeverTrump Peaking at the Right Time...

"It's clear the 'will of the people' is anti-Trump"

Republicans inexorably opposed to Donald Trump are on a roll- 

Trump’s racist comments about Judge Gonzalo Curiel -followed by his reaction to the Orlando massacre and self-absorbed response to Brexit-
are not sitting well with voters. 

While he is struggling to keep Republicans in line, Hillary Clinton, faults and all, is pulling together Democrats while appearing mature on national security. 

Trump’s fundraising numbers and lack of professional staff give the appearance that he is not trying all that hard — or is overwhelmed
with the requirements of a general election. 

Polls showing him trailing Clinton in national and battlefield states complete the picture: Keep Trump and get crushed in November--
or find someone else. 

 A Wall Street Journal/NBC poll suggests that more Republicans are trending toward the Dump Trump effort...

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