14 July 2016

What if Trump’s Goal is Really a Clinton Victory?

Andrew MalcomSpecial to McClatchy:
Donald Trump, you may have noticed, has proved to be an, uh, unorthodox presidential candidate.
That served the celebrity well in real estate, on TV and in a record primary field of 17 Republican candidates. He’s now on the precipice of becoming the nominee for the party of Lincoln’s 41st attempt to occupy the White House.

All indications now are that the billionaire businessman will not become the 24th GOP president, despite his fans’ fervor and a record number of primary votes. The indications include a wide range of consistent national and state polls showing him almost universally behind the Democrat with even greater unfavorables.

Such surveys, of course, can change along with voters’ opinions as the campaign and upcoming convention/reality show reaffirm or reshape existing evaluations.

What seems unlikely to change, however, is Trump’s unpredictable, usually counterproductive behavior. So the growing question is: What if Trump’s idea of winning is electing Hillary Clinton? And devastating the GOP in the process...?

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