04 August 2016

Conservatism’s Sad and Ugly
Transformation into Trumpism

If elected, Trump would destroy conservatism- 
the only solution to our country’s woes

Another week, another Donald-being-Donald moment. 

For many years in baseball, Indians, Red Sox, and Dodgers outfielder Manny Ramirez became a running joke in the fan community. That wasn’t because he couldn’t hit — he was a tremendous hitter. It’s because Ramirez was a kook. He’d throw to the wrong base, then shrug awkwardly. He’d take a stroll into the Green Monster, then fail to reemerge even as the game continued. He’d steal second base, then get confused and wander back toward first base before being thrown out. 

These moments became known as 'Manny being Manny' moments: If you want the good, they came along with some of the bad. Donald Trump is the same way. Every few days, Trump does something so inexplicable, so morally and politically reprehensible, that conservatives end up stunned...

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