26 August 2016

Trump’s Repellent Inner Circle

Donald Trump is undergoing his own 'extreme vetting.' And we are learning a great deal about the quality of his public pledges. 

In no particular order, Trump has shifted his position on raising the federal minimum wage (against it, for it, get rid of it, leave it to the states, put it at
$10 an hour); on fighting the Islamic State (bomb the 'hell out of them' and take the oil fields, let our regional allies take the lead, declare war and send in troops, let Russia take care of it); on taxes for the wealthy (increase them, cut them dramatically, make the wealthy pay more, make everyone pay less); on his Muslim ban (exclude all Muslims, keep Muslims out except for members of the military and current residents, it was 'just a suggestion,' ban Muslims from countries with a history of terrorism, impose 'extreme vetting'); on the national debt (eliminate it in eight years, prioritize massive infrastructure spending, renegotiate debt with creditors, just 'print the money'). 

Now, concerning his defining promise to round up and deport 11 million undocumented men, women and children, Trump is undergoing a rapid, convulsive transition from Mr. Hyde into Dr. Jekyll. In the movies, this role would require hours in the chair of a highly skilled makeup artist.
Trump has Sean Hannity...

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