23 August 2016

Why I Want Trump to Lose in a Landslide

By now even most Trumpsters have paused for a moment to wonder what the Gee Oh Pee will look like if/when Trump loses.  WaPo's recent musings on the topic touch on the idea that Trumpism -or some similar alt/right movement- might even be here to stay...

Trump’s decision to put [Breitbart CEO Steve] Bannon in charge of his campaign 'tells me that there’s going to be a battle inside our party for a long time to come,' [former Minnesota Congressman Vin] Weber said. 
'We’re going to have some very tough fights in the Republican Party when this is over.' 
The first, if Trump loses, will almost certainly be over who is to blame — whether it is the faction within the party that supported and enabled his nomination, or the “never Trump” contingent that refused to get behind him once he became the nominee. 
The scale of a defeat would also be a factor. If Trump were to go down in a landslide, his brand of politics would be vulnerable to a repudiation. 
'But if it’s a narrow loss, it will exacerbate the intraparty warfare,' said Dan Senor, a former Romney adviser and outspoken Trump critic.

From where I'm standing it appears unlikely they'll be any lasting Trump appeal- even if he, Ailes, and Hannity go ahead and launch TrumpTV (with Russian money). Defeat/unmasking The Leader usually brings cults down in a hurry, and most supporters are fairly low info -and gullible- obviously. 

This was always largely a cult of personality (driven by opportunistic media sellouts), but if Trump has any true bedrock policies or principles, I guarantee you 90% of his poorly-educated followers couldn't explain them to you- there will be nobody to debate with.

Donald Trump seems firmly lined-up on the receiving end of an epic blowout- larger that can be explained by unsubstantiated fraud allegations. Trumpsters -'sick of winning' and embarrassed- will simply vanish into the woodwork. Once he's gone, they're gone.

Ominous events are rapidly making clear the reckless folly of proposing withdrawal from the world stage, endangering US interests and forcing our friends to suddenly fend for themselves out there, meanwhile hoping nobody develops the ability to reach us in North America (where we'd be cowering).

The isolationism and trade barriers proposed by Trump border on insane- buddying-up to the Kremlin while abandoning all our allies -then crashing the world economy- just doesn't sound all that appealing to me for some reason. Overdue conversations on these topics will be held amongst serious people once at long-last we can be heard over the monotonous drone of Trumpism.

Obviously I agree on much of what Trump says on immigration and multiculturalism, just don't trust him to follow-through on his plastic promises, thus not able to muster interest in anything he's selling- ever. 
Used to work in the car business, and do know a snake when I see one.

We never needed this Tang-toned charlatan for this in the first place, there were other candidates far more trustworthy on the immigration issue.

And that's also why there's not going to be any enduring 'Trump' movement in this country, at least not attached to him, nor his wax-sculpture family:
Trump is headed for defeat because he's a slimy confidence trickster
-most intelligent people have figured this out- and his crushing loss this November will have a large number of now-jazzed supporters lying about who they voted for back in 2016.

These people will forever be viewed as naive rubes, 'the last ones to figure it out' -but with a mean streak, just like Big Daddy. The damage to the GOP
(of which I'm delighted to say I'm no longer a member) will be deep, and lasting. Residual Republicans best get used to hearing what Nazis you are.

As for Trump's enablers in the media and RNC, history -and the principled core of the constitutional conservative movement- won't be treating them well at all. All we can do is poke the smoldering remains of the Republican Party with a stick after the first of the year and see if there's anything worth salvaging- or if the ole POS has finally been totaled.

Nice job Trumpkins, I hope Hillary kicks his ass all up-and-down the field.

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