29 June 2018

Justice Kennedy's Son was KEY in Securing
Dubious Loans for Trump at Deutsche Bank

Helps explain the judge's more conservative bent as of late... 
and this week's incredible political gift to Trump

When Donald Trump sued Deutsche Bank in late 2008, it was 'classic Trump', according to the German bank, which sued him back. The New York property developer was trying to wriggle out of $40m of personal guarantees he had supplied on a $640m loan to build Trump International Hotel & Tower in downtown Chicago. The Lehman Brothers crisis was an unimaginable event that should get him off the hook, he argued. 

The future US president sought damages of $3bn — because the Deutsche-led consortium of lenders had just played a part in wrecking the world economy. The two sides sparred for a while before settling out of court. And within a couple of years Deutsche was back as Mr Trump’s go-to lender, continuing a relationship that has endured for decades, even as other big banks have deserted the litigation-prone developer...

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